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Winter Camp St. Nicholas: Official Video

Hello, all!

It is finally here: the official Winter Camp St. Nicholas 2012 Video!

I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to stay posted for information on summer camp. You can keep checking this blog, or you can also check out the official Camp St. Nicholas Website for more information! Registration is just around the corner, so make sure you don’t miss it!

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In Christ,


Winter Camp St. Nicholas 2012 Official Trailer

Hello, all!

I am working dutifully on the actual video for Winter Camp (which was 2 weeks ago…I can hardly believe it). Sorting through 4 hours of footage is certainly a difficult task, so I appreciate your patience. Maybe you don’t enjoy these videos as much as I do, and you’ve probably forgotten that I was planning to make a Winter Camp video, but I didn’t…so pretend you’re excited about what’s coming you’re way.

For now, enjoy the official trailer! Also, subscribe to the SoCalYouthMinistry YouTube Page!

In Christ,

St. Luke/St. Mark Retreat: Video

Hello, all, and Blessed Theophany!

Christ is in our midst!

On December 30, 2011, more than 60 teens from 10 parishes attended a deanery-wide retreat at St. Luke in Garden Grove. They listened to three speakers: Fr. Michael Laffoon, Fr. Michael Tassos, and myself. It was a blast of an event, and I was greatly encouraged to see the crowd that it drew.

I am hoping that we will continue to have events like this, as I believe it really brought up a lot of material for conversation and invited many into the reality of living in community of the Church.

Here is a video with some highlights from the day! Hope you enjoy it!
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In Christ,

SOYO/GOYA Broomball Bonanza!

Hello, all!

Christ is Born!

Last Tuesday, December 27, 2011 (last year. Whoa.), a group of teens from the Greek and Antiochian archdioceses got together and joined in a cross-jurisdictional Broomball deathmatch (no death was involved). The night was loved by all, and it was definitely hilarious.

Check out the video below, and if you are interested in things like this in the future, please subscribe to this blog for updates and e-mail Christian or Cynthia so your name can be included in an e-mail list!


In Christ,

Enjoy the video!
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St. Luke/St. Mark Retreat PSA


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St. Luke Teen SOYO Fireside Chat

On Sunday, November 27, I had the privilege of attending the St. Luke (Garden Grove) Teen SOYO Fireside Chat. It was a terrific time.

The group has started these chats as a monthly event, and they draw anywhere from 20-40 people every time. Though this is only the third time they have done this, topics of conversation have spread across a wide range: confession, saints, occult practices, drug use, dinosaurs, aliens, and many others.

Fr. Michael Tassos, the parish’s pastor, gently leads his young people through conversations that they might be concerned to have. He handles their questions with grace and love, all the while, managing to have what appears to be some fun.

This week’s beginning topic of conversation was “Thanksgiving,” though it certainly reached into some other topics, and the teens seemed to love it.

Enjoy the video of the 3rd St. Luke Teen SOYO Fireside Chat!

St. Peter Youth Group

On Wednesday (November 2), I had the privilege of sitting down with the teens at St. Peter and asked them their thoughts on the youth group at their church. These teens are bright, articulate, and incredibly hilarious, but I won’t say much more; check out the video for yourself!

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Enjoy the video!

In Christ,