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The End of This Blog, Beginning of Another

Hello, all!

Thank you so much for your support this last year in following and reading my posts on this blog. I have decided, however, that it is time for this blog to be retired, and I no longer will be posting on it (with the exception of possibly one more time).

All my posts, however, will still be kept in tact at my new blog, which is where I also will continue to write. You can find my new blog, Gathering At Golgotha, at, and it ought to be up and running fully in the next couple days, as I am doing a bit of overhaul on the whole thing.

Thank you again for all your support and readership!

In Christ,


The World Below is on Ancient Faith Radio!

Hello, all!

Exciting news! “The World Below” seminar is on Ancient Faith Radio! Please give it a listen if you get a chance! Here’s the link: The World Below – Ancient Faith Radio.

The seminar took place on June 30, and the speakers included myself, Fr. Patrick O’Grady, and David Paddison. Give the seminar a listen, and then join the conversation by commenting on this post!

In Christ,

A Seminar For Parents, Youth Workers, Pastors, and Teens

Greetings, all!

His Eminence, Archbishop JOSEPH, has given his blessing for a seminar for parents, youth workers, pastors, and teens.

The seminar is titled, “The World Below: Engaging the Hearts and Minds of Today’s Teens.” In it, Fr. Patrick O’Grady of St. Peter Church in Pomona, David Paddison (psychology student and youth worker extraordinaire) of St. Luke Church in Garden Grove, and myself will be addressing these questions:

  • What does the world of young adults look like today?
  • How did it come to be like this?
  • Why are so many young adults leaving the Church?
  • And how are we to respond?

I have a great deal of confidence that this gathering will be useful to all those who wish to attend as we will be discussing the real world that teens face and will be laying out a vision for an Orthodox Christian approach to youth ministry.

All jurisdictions are welcome to attend, and I highly encourage people of all ages to attend as the youth of our Church are not simply a group to which only a select few are called to minister. It is the job of the Church to care for her youth, and we will begin to discuss exactly what that looks like and how it can be done. It should be great.

If you wish to print out the event flier, you can access it HERE. Please spread the word about this event, and do all that you can to attend!

In Christ,

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Letters To The Church: By Teens

Hello, all!

I pray that you are all well and entering fully into the first day of Lent! I trust that this season will be full of the “bright sadness” that comes along with honestly encountering oneself and the Lord.

This post is meant to serve as an introduction for something that I plan to begin doing regularly on this site. Since this is a site dedicated primarily to upbuilding and increasing the efficacy of youth ministry in the Antiochian Orthodox Church of Southern California, I found it fitting to begin a series of posts, written in the form of letters, that would allow the teens to speak for themselves in terms of how they view the Church and the role it has played in their lives.

The letters will be posted as anonymous, and the content of these letters might be shocking, delightful, saddening, encouraging, or any other number of things. It is important for these young people’s voices to be heard, and we must be willing to take their words to heart and examine ourselves in their words. Let us see these teenager’s honest engagement with Christ, the Church, and with their own faith as a call for us to honestly engage Christ, the Church, and our own faith, too.

These teens are brilliant, funny, talented, engaging, thoughtful, and heartfelt people; it is time that we understand exactly what they’re experiencing, and it is best that we understand it in their own words.

Letters will begin being posted soon and will hopefully be posted on a weekly basis. If you or any teens you know might be interested in submitting a letter for this purpose, please e-mail them to

In Christ,

Sunday of Orthodoxy Youth Rally!

Hello, all!

On Saturday, March 3, the Pan-Orthodox celebration of the Sunday of Orthodoxy will begin! Wahoo!

St. Stephen Serbian Orthodox Cathedral will graciously host as many young people as possible. Saturday, at 4PM, a youth rally will be held for all youth in grades 5-12. Orthodox youth will assemble from the various jurisdictions in the hope of seeing that global Orthodoxy includes all those who will enter the Lord’s house.

While the youth are rallying nearby, Bishop MICHAEL of New York and New Jersey (OCA) will be giving a talk for adults. The title of his talk is, “Our Young Adults in the Orthodox Church.”

It should be a fantastic time simply to come together with others who share the Orthodox Christian Faith and commune with them!

The Youth Rally and adult talk will be followed by all assembling for Vespers at 6:00PM, and refreshments will follow the service.

On Sunday, March 4, there will be a hierarchical Divine Liturgy at 10:00AM! Yippee!

NOTE: The Divine Liturgy will be served at St. Sophia Greek Cathedral in Los Angeles, NOT at St. Stephen.

All parishes in the Antiochian Southern California Deanery will be closed on Saturday evening so as to encourage as much attendance as possible.

I will be will there, for sure, and I certainly hope to see as many of you as possible!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

In Christ,

Here is the event flyer!!! YAY!

Summer Camp Registration!

Hello, all!

I’m very pleased to let you know that registration for Camp St. Nicholas’ Summer Program will be opening on February 13 at 9PM. Wahoo!

The sessions are as follow:

Week 1: July 15-21
Week 2 (Teen Week): July 22-28
Week 3: July 29-August 4

I want to encourage as many of you to register yourselves or your teens for teen week. I know it is easy to get into a rhythm of registering for the same week each summer, but if you come to Teen Week, you’ll be glad you did! It is essentially (although a little different from) a week-long winter camp!…but in the summer. What’s there not to love about that? If you wonder what winter camp was like, check out the Winter Camp video below!

Register at the Camp St. Nicholas Website! See you this summer!

In Christ,

Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re In Business!

Greetings, all!

Big news.

The SoCalYouthMinistry Website is now, officially, its own domain! This means that the website you presently browse is Dig it, boys and girls, ladies and gents; cats and dogs, friends and enemies, lovers and haters, old and young!

Stay posted for more updates, resource reviews, thoughts, quips, jokes, joys, and other things! So much more to come. So excited.

Also, feel free to check out my personal blog, Sobornost. I will post different ramblings and thoughts as I journey with you through this beautiful reality of the Christian life!

In Christ,