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Resource Review: “Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy” by Fr Andrew Stephen Damick

After a good couple of months of reading Fr Andrew Stephen Damick’s text, Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Exploring Belief Systems Through the Lens of the Ancient Christian Faith, I finally finished it. The reading was informative but a bit dense. This is not because the information was incredibly difficult to sort through, but because Damick tends to spend a lot of time repeating himself, which can get a little boring. This is not necessarily a problem with the text, nor is it a critique of his writing; it is simply to say that the nature of this work is one that actually seems to call for a fair amount of repetition. That said, for the Orthodox Christian (youth worker or non) who wishes to know more about other religious traditions, I recommend this text with some reservation. My reservation, however, is primarily due to how zealous Orthodox readers might perceive Fr Andrew’s text. For now, I turn to the strengths and my reasons for this book’s recommendation. Continue reading

Resource Review: “Real Sex” by Lauren Winner

Recently, I read Lauren Winner’s honest, direct, and engaging book, Real Sex: The Naked Truth About Chastity, and personally, I cannot speak highly enough about the book; I read it in one sitting, if that says anything. For once, I actually believed that I was being spoken with candidly about the complexities of healthy, whole, and vibrant Christian sexuality, both within the context of single-living and marriage. For those of you who are looking to deal with ┬áthis tough issue head-on or looking to find a little encouragement, I highly recommend that you pick up this book and read it today. Continue reading